Forward looking Indicators for sustainability - beyond profit

Foward Looking Indicators for Sustainability

If we want sustainable change, why are we still measuring the wrong things?

Sustainable transformation is becoming the meme of the moment, whether it refers to climate transition, nature positivity or sustainable capitalism. 

All these transformations are becoming a bigger part of the everyday language and life of sustainability professionals in companies and investment houses alike.

But how do we really assess and measure not just performance in undertaking meaningful transformation, but also the corporate health metrics that tell you about the quality and dynamics of resource dependencies and relationships?

It is these which will tell us all whether and organisation has the capacity to successfully transform.

Profit, the current king of performance metrics, tells us little about future prospects, especially when the future will require doing things very differently to how we do them today.

Future Looking Indicators for Sustainability explores how we can measure what really matters for sustainable transformation, business growth and resilience over the long term and makes practical suggestions about the metrics that wil really count.

Download this White Paper to discover:

  • Why we are measuring the wrong things and what we should be assessing;
  • A vision for truly sustainable, rejuvenative business activities;
  • Insight in how to assess and develop metrics that matter for sustainable transformation.

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